Greg Kusnick

SkunkVision is a Decal plugin for making visible in game some things you ordinarily can't see. These include (for now) unclimbable slopes, impassable water, and radar range.

Download and setup

SkunkVision requires Decal or better, so if you haven't yet upgraded to that version, do so now.

Download the SkunkVision installer from here:

Save the downloaded MSI file to a folder on your computer, then double-click the file to start the installation.


The SkunkVision control panel has three checkboxes for enabling or disabling the following features:

You can also click the green dropdown arrow next to any checkbox to reveal slider controls for adjusting the highlight color for that feature. Click the arrow again to roll up the panel and hide the color controls.


Version history Added Dungeon Light feature. Rebuilt for compatibility with Decal Fix for Landscape Detail Textures. Fix to work with HUD plugins. First public release.