SkunkWorks Source

While I don't consider SkunkWorks to be "Open Source" in any down-with-copyrights, information-must-be-free ideological sense, I've included the source in the distribution package for a number of purely practical reasons:

Source is installed into the SkunkWorks\Source folder, and includes four Visual Basic projects, two VB project groups, and one Visual C++ project:

If all you want to do is rebuild your own Skapi.dll on patch day, the installed source should meet your needs. If you're seriously interested in tinkering, however, you may want to enroll in the SkunkWorks project on

CVS setup

This section describes how to set up anonymous, read-only access to the SkunkWorks CVS repository. This will enable you to customize your version of SkunkWorks and automatically maintain your local changes across new releases. It will not enable you to upload changes back into the mainline development source. For information on how to become an official SkunkWorks developer with upload privileges, contact me by email.

I'm going to assume you're already a registered SourceForge user and have downloaded and installed WinCVS. If not, see the SourceForge site documentation for information on how to do that.

Here's my recommended sequence for setting up a CVS-enabled SkunkWorks build environment on your disk:

You should now have a working SkunkWorks installation in your SkunkWorksDev folder.