SkunkWorks was designed primarily for people like me: seasoned ACScripters with a large investment in scripts written specifically for ACScript. The goal is to get such scripts working again under SkunkWorks with as little pain as possible. With that in mind, I'm happy to entertain intelligent questions, suggestions, and bug reports relating to that goal. I can be reached for this purpose at, or you can post a message to the SkunkWorks forum.

I'm also open to suggestions for new features that go beyond ACScript compatibility. As you can see from the API documentation, I've added a number of such features already. Before submitting your idea, though, please familiarize yourself with the AC protocol documentation so you have some notion of what the limitations are on new information and events.

Although SkunkWorks supports VBScript and JScript, I did not invent those languages and I'm not the one to teach you how to use them. For questions of that sort, along with general questions of elementary programming technique, see the resources on the Links page, or visit one of the many websites and newsgroups devoted to those topics.

For help with some particular script that I didn't write (including those downloaded from UserWare), talk to the guy who did write it.

Creating a capture file

Some bugs are hard to diagnose without actually seeing them happen. In such situations I may ask you to capture your SkunkWorks session to a file in order to help me reproduce the bug. Here are the steps required to make a capture file:

Capture files created in this way contain detailed information about your character, your equipment, your macroing spots, etc. I will use this information for debugging purposes only and will not share it with anyone else. It's up to you to decide whether you're comfortable sharing it with me. If not, don't send me the file. But you should realize that without it, I may not be able to solve your problem.